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What am I missing? March 29, 2007

Posted by gordonwatts in politics.

What game is Iran playing? Up to now, at least in the public eye, Iran could have accidentally captured these guys. They could even have released them without admitting any guilt. Perhaps a over zealous patrol boat went after them. But now, by demanding the British government state publicly they made a mistake before Iran returns the hostages, they have made if a full blown state vs. state. What possible good outcome does this have for Iran?

Are they just playing to a local audience? Look, we stood up to a major Western power! We are the power broker in the middle east now! I think they could have done that had they released the sailors already. But not now. Now one side is going to be forced to publicly say “Ops.” Is this the start of another hostage crisis (a.k.a. the one that happened under Carter’s administration)?

What have I missed? Local politics? What??

P.S. The quote from the article:

The Iranian Mehr news agency quoted a military commander, Alireza Afshar, as saying the release of Ms. Turney, had been suspended because of the “wrong behavior” of the British government.

makes me think of North Korea.



1. Sean - March 30, 2007

It seems Iran was upset that the British gov. went to the UN about the situation, after Iran had said that they hoped the matter could be sorted out quickly because of the ‘close diplomatic relationship’ Iran and Briton have.

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