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Wicker Park is getting Weirder March 16, 2007

Posted by gordonwatts in life.

I visited Wicker park this evening. Mike & Grace, who Paula and I met up in Vancouver, and live two blocks from us in Seattle, and who used to live in Chicago are visiting Chicago last week. Are you impressed with my sentence making ability yet? They went to the Green Mill this evening and I hung out with them. I’d post some pictures, but I forgot my camera in the hotel room (gasp!).

At any rate, I visited my favorite cheap Chicago Thai place, Penny’s, first and then went over to Filter to read a bit of Thomas’ thesis before joining Mike & Grace up at the Green Mill. Filter is one of those great coffee shops – the sort I wish Seattle had. Stays open late. Has a huge room full of couches and chairs and tables (all of it pretty ratty). Food, drinks, and really good baked goods. The crowd there is mostly “creative” types (whatever the heck that means). Of the 50 people in there, about 30 had a computer, and I’d say about 25 of them were Apple’s. Ripped jeans galore. Funky hair cuts. But this is what surprised me: A good number of them were pecking away on smart phones (mostly the blackberry to my eye). I wasn’t expecting that!



1. Martin Griffiths - March 19, 2007

I miss Filter. And the Green Mill. For cheap Chicago Thai places have you tried Cozy on Sheffield or TAC on Sheridan? Those are both fantastic!

2. Gordon Watts - March 21, 2007

Those look good! Next time I’m there I’ll try to get to one of those places.

3. Chicago Neighborhoods - June 12, 2007

Filter is an amzing place, but honestly there are so many great spots in Wicker Park it’s hard to see them all!

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