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Winter Sucks March 7, 2007

Posted by gordonwatts in life.

CIMG0910Unless you live in Seattle, that is. That is a picture of Julia helping me enjoy a plantain cake dinner with kale and avocado sauce. The month of March here is great — all the nice restaurants down here put on a 3 for 25 bucks deal — a three course dinner for 25 dollars. This was at Marjorie’s, right around the corner from where we live.

In case you couldn’t tell — we were sitting outside! That is right. March 6th, and sitting outside! If I’d been able to get away from work earlier I’d have been able to sit outside in sunlight! In case you think I’m faking you — this is Seattle, after all — check out this sunset that I took yesterday.

Having said this, it will probably rain all summer…

BTW, Julia is getting pretty grown up now. She figured out how to unlock my cell phone. And she even figured out the right key sequence to erase all the data on it. At least she didn’t know the password you need to complete that erase command!!



1. Dave Bacon - March 7, 2007

I’m blaming you for this mornings rain. On my run this morning there was nobody out. What, Seattle gets some nice weather and all of the sudden they forget how to behave like ducks? đŸ™‚

2. Gordon Watts - March 8, 2007

Ha! I was walking to the airport this morning and I was thinking the same thing. Must my fault!

BTW, I caught your talk at the Physics department the other day (I had to leave early). Nice job!

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