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No one has died… March 5, 2007

Posted by gordonwatts in life.

Juila Recruiting New Grad StudentsI have made it through the weekend. On Friday night she came along to our physics department recruiting dinner — we invite many of the prospective graduate students to UW to check us out (and hopefully come). That’s a picture of her trying to convince one prospective student to come!

At some point in our future someone is going to create a nanny artificial intelligence machine. I offer a few rules to help them out in their development.

if in rush to leave then poop

if bath then blowout!

if poop then innocent smile.

if unattended bottle feeding then make bottle leak

if left on couch then try to roll off couch (yes, I caught her)

if dad trying to get work done then wake up and cry.

if dad breaks clam shell while eating linguini with clams then grab sharp broken shell and try to put in mouth.

if cell phone near then grab, put in mouth, chew and drool.

There are other rules I’m sure I’ll learn over time. One really cute trick (and a warning to those parents out there that haven’t done this yet): when you shake baby formula to mix it, it foams, and produces pressure. It can then cause the formula to squirt out of the bottle nipple. At first I thought this was cute as Julia was squirting herself — till I realized she was a bit smarter than that — she was squirting the couch cushions…



1. paula - March 5, 2007

If blog about imperiling child then buy wife prada shoes…

2. Matt - March 6, 2007

Gordon, when are the rest of us (grad physics applicants) possibly going to hear from the department/university? If we haven’t heard by now, should we go find something else to look forward to do?

3. Gordon Watts - March 7, 2007

Matt – I don’t know — I’ll ask the head of the admissions committee…

4. Gordon Watts - March 15, 2007

I’m sorry it took so long to respond — I’ve known the answer for about a week now — we are almost at the end of the list. We have about 10 people now, and it depends on what the others earlier in the list do (accept or reject). You might send email directly to the graduate admissions coordinator.

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