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So Much For McCain February 24, 2007

Posted by gordonwatts in politics.

I was really looking forward to a presidential contest that I would have to think about. Hillary vs McCain was my best first guess (along with just about everyone else). Barak would have been great too. But McCain seems to have stepped across several right-wing conservative lines now. For example, he recently talked at the Seattle Discovery Institute — the leading US group trying to get creationism into the schools. I’ve seen references to him being down on stem cell research (though in 2006 he seems to have voted for it — so there is hope). He also would overturn Roe v. Wade — the land-mark decision allowing for abortions uniformly with in the USA. These are all make-or-break issues for me.

What are we? More than a year and a half out? If McCain wins the Republican contest this will be a very boring campaign. The Democrat on the other side is going to really have to say some bogus things for me to reconsider a vote for someone like McCain. And if a 3rd party candidate comes along that might split the opposing vote for McCain — even if I like them better, I doubt I would vote for them – lest we have a repeat of the Al Gore vs GW Bush match up.

This sucks. I was really hoping for an interesting political campaign. At least on the Republican side it is shaping up to be the same-old same-old (I’m sure the same thing is going to end up happening on the Democratic side – they just haven’t said anything which has gotten me pissed off yet).



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