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TGIF!! February 16, 2007

Posted by gordonwatts in life, physics life, university.

Finally! Friday! The past couple of weeks have been hell. I remember when I was on the interview circuit. It was exhausting. Each day I was at an institution was a rapid fire series of meetings. One after the other. Each one I had to start from scratch, telling the small group about myself, what my research plans were, and what I hopped to bring to the department. Add in one or two big talks and after two days I was barely able to drab myself back to the airport.

What I didn’t appreciate then was that the faculty doing the interview are just as tired. Especially ones on the search committee (as I am this week). For us it has been more than 4 weeks to interview 6 candidates. I’ve not done any real research in over a month now.

Now, it is certainly true that we have it easier: our future job is not on the line. On the other hand, we are interviewing to fill a position with my group — which means the group’s future is on the line. Plenty of stress.

Whatever. I’m glad most of the interviews are over now. It is a long weekend here in the US, and my wife and I are taking our kid on her first long drive up to Vancouver. I’ll see you when I get back!



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