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UPS Is Evil January 14, 2007

Posted by gordonwatts in life.

I waited a day before posting this to see if I would calm down a bit. Nope.

I ordered a camera the week ago Friday, and 2-day shipping so that it would get here before my trip to SLAC Monday. The camera is in Seattle. Has been for several days. But UPS still has it. Wasted that $15 bucks extra for shipping.

They can’t leave it because the shipper required a signature, in person. I live in a condo, with a security door and then a locked postal closet. Two locks aren’t secure enough. I used their web site to try to re-direct the package to my work location. Apparently it wasn’t allowed — but the web site never told me that! Last resort is to drive out to the UPS location. Normally that is a 25 minute drive. I figured I’d call first to see if the UPS truck had returned yet so as not to waste a trip. Has anyone tried to call the UPS 1-800 number? If you don’t want to ship a package or get the information already on the web repeated you are totally out of luck. No human anywhere: amazingly frustrating. So I got in the car. Got very lost — took me over an hour to get down there. The people at the customer service center were very helpful. Guess what? The truck was still out!

They will try to deliver the camera again on Monday. But I’ll be on my way to the airport. I’ll have to drive out there again to get it on Thursday.

I do all sorts of very stressful things at work. Teaching a class on short notice. Writing talks at the last minute. Get myself involved in high profile analyses. But, yet, it feels like I aged more during this UPS interaction than any of the work related stress inducers.

Now, the post-office. At least here in Seattle, they have it down. They leave packages in locked mail-boxes or that locked closet. I usually try to ship via the post office when I can. Sadly, that isn’t an option for many of these online places. It should be.



1. Elisha - February 1, 2007

UPS is definately evil! I just spent over $80 to ship a saddle to get repaired (more than the cost to have it repaired). I then find out that it only costs $28 to ship FedEx ground and $25 to ship via the US post office. I feel incredibly stupid now! But I will never make that mistake again

2. gordonwatts - February 2, 2007

Wow! That is quite something!

On the other hand, I did recently have a good experience: I recently tried to return a 50 dollar item and the shipping cost was going to be 80 bucks because the box that Target had shipped it to us in was huge. The UPS guy cut it up into small bits and make a custom size small box — shipping costs were down to about 15 bucks. That was definately something he didn’t have to do for me.

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