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The Shift Race January 11, 2007

Posted by gordonwatts in life, physics life.

Belonging to a large experiment like DZERO means a number of things. For example, taking shifts to help run the experiment. We track shifts too: every group is required to do a certain number of shifts in order to remain a member of DZERO in good standing. Like UW.

Horst and BroomSo, they posted the shift totals since the start of Run II for captain shifts — the shift position I usually take. I’m not doing too badly. I’ve done 89 shifts since June 2001 (it feels like more!). But Horst… he has done 252 of them! That isn’t quite a year he has spent in the control room, but it is darn close! That is a picture I got of him cleaning off his car at the Fermilab farmhouse — probably getting ready to driver over to DZERO to do a shift.

But, back to me (it is a blog, afterall). My 89 shifts puts me solidly in the upper grouping. Definitely not the top, but above the middle. More sobering, however, is the trends for the last 6 months. I’m way off the average… ah, but wait — I had a kid! 🙂 Right.

Going to have to do a few more shifts in the future! Perhaps I can bring Julia on shift with me?



1. Mike Procario - January 11, 2007

Never took my daughter on shift, but she did sit on my desk in my office on a few nights, while I wrote my thesis and my wife tried to get some badly needed sleep.

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