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Letting Go December 29, 2006

Posted by gordonwatts in computers, physics life.

I’m talking about disk space, not relationships here. I’ve filled up the disk space on one of the machine I use at DZERO. The disk is only 80 gigs; 40 gigs of it is my stuff. I could use a disk on another machine, but that would require re-writing a bunch of scripts: that would take too long. So, I should clean up! Some of directories haven’t been touched in more than a year: prime candidates for removal. In fact, I can find over 10 gigs that haven’t been touched in a year.

So why can’t I delete them? A year ago I was working on very different things. Others have taken up the development work and improved the code such that what I have on my local disk isn’t even relevant any longer!

But I always worry there is some small script, or some gem of code that wasn’t put into the code repository. Or some data file that I’ll never be able to recover. Or some forgotten bit of brilliance is hiding four levels down the directory structure.

Tough. I need to keep a stiff upper lip and move on. Dam the torpedoes, and full “rm” ahead!



1. Aaron F. - December 31, 2006

I often find myself wishing that UNIX had some sort of “trash” command that would move files to a trash folder instead of deleting them outright. I guess I could just make a trash folder, and write a pair of trash and emptytrash scripts, but that would be work… 😛

2. gordonwatts - January 1, 2007

Yes — and there is the problem. Thus mot of us are willing to pay Microsoft or Apple some $$. On the other hand, when you need it for work, it is very nice to be able to get at that ability to write scripts…

3. pery - January 1, 2007

get an external drive, back up what you are planning to get rid of, then get rid of it????

4. gordonwatts - January 1, 2007

Ha! I’d love to. But my life would be filled with boxes of this stuff. I don’t need it, it is junk: I should (and did) delete it. Also, over a year, I probably delete 200-300 GB of junk like this… Not worth the $$ for an external drive. 😉

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