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Single Top PRL Submitted! December 22, 2006

Posted by gordonwatts in physics.

The cool thing about working on an analysis like this is the amount of interest both inside and outside the collaboration. The bad thing? The sheer number of comments you get when you circulate the paper for review. We finally got it submitted, however! You can find it right away here. And it will appear on arXiv as well. But I have to warn you: this analysis is complex! There is no way we were able to put all the details into PRL’s page limit. As soon as we get back from break we’ll start working on gathering up all of our detailed notes into a better form of documentation (a longer PRD or perhaps a Conference Note as well).



1. agm - December 22, 2006

That’s wonderful. This seems like a very big result judging from what I’ve been reading around the Internets. I sympathize on the page length thing, I have to go back and redo the manuscript for my master’s work — the page limit required me to cut things the reviewers felt necessary, and the person whose project my work is a follow-up on never published his work (what do you mean I can’t cite a PhD thesis…).

2. gordonwatts - December 23, 2006

No kidding! I’ve seen that happen before to. Writing everything up can take so long. And in one of these large experiments you’ve already written up a detailed analysis note. And then you have to write it up again… And you could be spending your time discovering something new…

3. Helge - December 24, 2006

You could save space, by dropping the names. That would give you 2 more pages … 😉

A merry christmas to you 😉


4. gordonwatts - December 25, 2006

Thanks! And to you too, Helge.

That is a long running debate…

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