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The Kid December 20, 2006

Posted by gordonwatts in life.

Day 64Julia has entered a new phase of development. The half-way phase. We had just started getting full nights of sleep when… she learned to roll over. Now, at first we were over joyed — obvious evidence that our kid is a genius.

One problem. She hasn’t figured out how to roll back yet. And she hates being on her tummy for more than about 5 minutes. Paula and I now find ourselves getting up in the middle of the night to roll a whining baby back onto her back so she can fall back asleep.



1. mike - December 22, 2006

Julia’s looking like she’s ready to come home…

You guys are missing our NYE party this year, correct?

2. gordonwatts - December 22, 2006

Yeah, Mike. Which is a bummer. It was fantastic last year. I’ll be in Chicago and currently don’t have any plans. The regualr folks I hang out with on NYE in Chicago are off to New Orleans this year!

3. dorigo - December 22, 2006

Congratulations for your kid Gordon…
I have a question. I like to post pics of my kids in my blog, but my wife asked me to not do that since I told her how many visits I get every day from people looking for “kids s** pic” or the like – deranged minds are everywhere. Do you shrug your shoulders at it ? Should I ?

On another note, I tagged you in a game called “the closest book”. See my blog to see what it’s about…

4. gordonwatts - December 22, 2006

Cross My Fingers — those sort of search terms haven’t started showing up. I’m not sure how I’m wording things, but I’m not getting hits. Also, the posts about the kid don’t get much more than others.

Somehow it is a balence between friends and family seeing what is going on (my frieds, as a HEP person, are spread throughout the world) and Julia’s privacy. At some point I’m going to have to stop talking about her, or posting pictures; I’m sure she will eventually grow to hate it!

I’ve even posted a movie or two of her on youtube.

So. I think mostly it is “shrug”. For now Paula and I agreed it would be ok. Of course, we constantly have to think about re-evaluating…

I’ll take a look at the game.

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