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How Did That Happen?? November 24, 2006

Posted by gordonwatts in politics.

CIMG7149A friend overheard a conversation that took place at this place, which is close by Seattle (but away from the blue hue of Seattle) — near Tacoma… It went something like “Yeah, and if both Bush and Cheney buy it, she’ll be running the country!” “How did we let that happen!?” There was further discussion about a woman running the country.

Frankly, I’d not even noticed that that had happened. I’m looking forward to not noticing a woman elected as president. All indications are that it will happen sometime in my lifetime…



1. Carl Brannen - December 14, 2006

Poodle Dog actually has pretty good food. If I recall, the actual location is in Fife, just off an exit from I-5. And they serve fairly stiff drinks, if that’s your sort of thing. Alas, they no longer allow smoking.

The reason I know this is that there is a big auction held once a week a few blocks from there. After losing jobs in the dot-com bust, me and my buddy, also an engineer, took to making coin by buying and selling.

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