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Want to Talk With Lisa? November 9, 2006

Posted by gordonwatts in physics life.

Discover magazine is hosting a chat with Lisa Randall this afternoon (2pm eastern time). It looks like everyone can participate. I can’t tell if the transcript will be availible afterwards, but I hope so!



1. Jay Tiler - September 5, 2007

i have an idea of the universe…i have spent a lot of time asorbing the theories about the universes formation and its presumed destiny…..my sister is a phd and i have told her of my theory and she had said she had never heard it before but that it makes more sense than any she had heard before ….i would love to discuss this idea with you and find out what you think….i am a tradesman i never graduated high school but i love theoretical physics….many people have told me i have a talent for it…..i would like very much to have a few minutes of your time and you can tell me if i am full of shit or not ……

thank you for your time

Jay Tiler

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