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A New Day? Probably Not November 9, 2006

Posted by gordonwatts in politics.

The New York Times has a great editorial page cartoon today. It shows a donkey punching out an elephant. The elephant bounces off the floor, then the wall, and the ceiling. Its rebound has it aimed directly at the donkey and it has a boxing glove on its trunk.

I am impressed that Rumsfeld was gone as quickly as he was. That is fantastic (I was worried that Bush had backed himself into a corner, but the election does allow him to break his word). I’m worried that things will be deadlocked and so almost no legislation will make it out of congress and all we’ll have to show are the various committee’s investigating the Bush abuses. While I definitely think those investigations need to happen, I hope they aren’t the only thing after 2 years.

Ok. Enough of this. Back to looking at applications for our job. If you’re going to apply, do it soon!



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