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University Blogging November 6, 2006

Posted by gordonwatts in blog, university.

The UW Simpson Center for the Humanities is sponsoring a blogging research project. Basically: how to build connections between the university and the community around us. Other than the fact that very few of the members of the community around us read blogs, this is a great idea!

I wonder how many people at the UW are blogging? Students and faculty and staff? I bet it is a lot. They should have an aggregate site that all re-posts everyone’s posts. Then someone curious could start from there, find someone’s post they liked, and then look at their specific blog. I should suggest this. 🙂

This UW blogging site was publicized late last week. I’m surprised at how few bloggers have signed up. And the whole class-blogging thing seems a bit counter to the web site’s stated aim (ok, forming connections within the university). But they make good reading none-the-less!



1. Dave Bacon - November 7, 2006

Even the UW President blogs!

2. gordonwatts - November 7, 2006

Yeah — but that was only for his Asian trip… He needs to restart!

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