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Camera Stolen On AA October 18, 2006

Posted by gordonwatts in life.

My friend Robert Cudmore had his camera stolen:

I just had a $1000 camera ‘pilfered’ from my baggage while traveling with American Airlines (AA). I arrived in Tucson AZ on Saturday October 7 (2006), flying from Paris (CDG) with a layover in Chicago O’Hare. On arriving at my destination and opening my bag, I immediately noticed my bag was not packed the way I had packed it. My $1000 camera, a $60 camera bag, and a $100 pair of prescription sunglasses were STOLEN.

And American Airlines has apparently been no help at all:

Phoning the Tucson baggage services was useless, AA does nothing for ‘pilfered items’ and only handles lost baggage cases. If my bag had gone missing they would reimburse me $2800 with seemingly little hassle. I phoned the AA toll free number and got the same response, ‘NOT RESPONSIBLE’. My problem is, my bag arrived after being ‘pilfered’ and what was left in the bag is of basically no value.

Bob is a post-doc working at a lab in Marseille. When I was there two summers ago he found me (though my blog) and we hung out together. He is the one that got me started using flickr, actually. I’ve also been enjoying his flickr photographs of Marseille (and his other travels); they always depress me because I wish I was back there!

My impression is before digital photography he was never much of a picture taker. He started with a flickr account and a went from there. He recently upgraded to the nice Minolta that was stolen.

I don’t think his blog posting is harsh enough. AA and the other airlines need to take responsibility for this. They are the interface point for passenger. Perhaps that need to sue the baggage handlers, or whatever. But they need to be held accountable.

Sadly, this is all to common. And it is going to get worse as airline push us to check more and more baggage. I have about it before in connection with newspaper reporters. The proposed solution however, is not one I would feel comfortable taking. Nor should we have to! But what if one is going to keep loosing a 1000 dollar camera…



1. sunny - June 30, 2008

Same just happened to me – with first choice airways in the uk – gutted, my camera with all my holiday pics – stolen as i forgot to take it on as hand luggage.

2. gordonwatts - June 30, 2008

That really sucks!! Sorry!!! 😦

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