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Trickle Down Theory Works! October 16, 2006

Posted by gordonwatts in science.

I have an email from Fermilab management that starts with the following:

As you know we are operating under a continuing resolution until mid-November and possibly considerably beyond. Even before the continuing resolution was passed…

You can guess the rest, unfortunately. I like the way Fermilab is approaching it: no hard limits, and asking the various group leaders to cut spending where they can without impacting schedule or goals. We are all hoping, since this is a continuing resolution, the cash will eventually come through — so at the moment it is more about postponing purchases rather than canceling them. This does make things more expensive in the long run, and wastes a bunch of our time changing our current plans (of mice and men…).

It is times like these that I really wish congress could get on with its job and actually finish its job on time rather than all the grand-standing that we just witnessed… I suppose that is too much to hope for however.

See? Trickle-down-theory does work. When congress doesn’t get their work done we don’t either!

P.S. If you want to see someone really depressed about the process, then read this blog posting.



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