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No Beer For Julia! October 16, 2006

Posted by gordonwatts in life.

Day 34I found out something new about Washington State blue laws today. Paula, Julia, and I went out a local pub for a beer and to hang out with some friends. I often eat lunch there or take folks out for a beer in the evening after something cool happens at work. And they brew their own beer — the amber is phenomenal (and with a name like ATLAS how can I not like it??). Close to my other favorite, Fat Tire.

Today we couldn’t get it. This happened when they tried to card Julia, a our 3 month old milk-guzzling daughter. See: she isn’t 21!

Frankly, I could see an establishment that was a night club not wanting a kid in there — but a place like Big Time?

The reason is the type of license. Even though they serve (great) food, they have only a bar license. And so no one under 21 can enter. I’d also like to point out that I’ve watched what milk can do to Julia. Milk is waaay more potent than alcohol! A measly 4 oz will knock her out for hours! This is really too bad, because it ruins a potentially really nice get together at a very relaxed location.

In a fit of pique I took the above picture. Caught! Red handed! So there, Washington State! I can imagine the scene in our condo 2 days hence:

Knock! Knock!

Who’s there?

Social Services!



1. Aaron F. - October 16, 2006

Hahahaha… that picture is wrong and ADORABLE. It reminds me of a story about one of my friends. When he was really young, his parents took him to a volleyball game, and he took a bright pink soda can out of a cooler, not realizing that it was full of a bizarre Japanese strawberry-flavored beer! He drank the entire can and fell asleep before his parents even realized he had it! Fortunately, there were no ill effects — I’ve never heard of an elementary-schooler with such a high tolerance! Then again, I suppose most elemetary-schoolers don’t know what their tolerance is… 🙂

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