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Daycare at the University of Washington October 13, 2006

Posted by gordonwatts in life, university.

From the UW Daily earlier this week we learn the extent of what Paula and I knew already:

Right now, 255 children are enrolled in UW daycare services and 602 are on a waiting list, said Katie Dwyer, director of benefits and work/life in the human resources department.

When Paula and I were searching for daycare we were told the UW daycare system had a 2 year waiting list! I don’t think Paula and I were even married at that point, let alone considering daycare. Both Paula and I thought this was pretty awful. We were bad citizens of the University, however, and never got around to registering a complaint.

According to this article, it sounds like the University is looking at the problem with the right perspective:

The availability of child care at the UW is a factor in its ability to recruit new faculty, said Executive Vice Provost Ana Mari Cauce.

This is so true. Our hires are more and more often couple hires. And when you have a dual hire it is no longer only about how good a scientist they are, or how good a department you are: family issues start to show up – like daycare.

Sadly, by the time they get this fixed Paula and I will probably no longer need the infant services, which is where the bulk of the waiting time exists.



1. Dam Son - October 14, 2006

Only 2 years? We waited 3 years and gave up. Another thing I found distasteful is that you have to pay an yearly fee to keep your child on
the waiting list. Each year if you don’t pay they cross you out from the waiting list.

2. Dam Son - October 14, 2006

Sorry, what I wrote above about yearly fee is not correct (just checked with my wife). You pay only at the beginning, then each year
they send you a notice asking if you are still interested in UW day care. You need to return the form in order to keep your child in the waiting list
for one more year.

3. Gordon Watts - October 14, 2006

Three years! Ouch! We’ve also given up. Did you ever complain to the university? If others post I should forward this on to Ron Irving or similar.

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