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Kid Cost October 12, 2006

Posted by gordonwatts in life.

Day 21Check out the surprised look on Julia’s face! The medical bills are finally in for Julia’s arrival. $14,000 bucks! Yikes! Thank goodness for health insurance. We will pay only about $400 towards that. Everything else is taken care of…

Keep in mind this was a birth with no real complications (thank goodness). They had extra people around to deal with possible extra complications: mainly because she was so big they were afraid she would get stuck! So perhaps this is more than most births, but not by much!

I feel like I’m supposed to be making a “priceless” joke here. You know… Cost of Kid: $14,000, Amount of drool per day: 1 quart, Average-meantime-between-spitup: 10 minutes, PPPD (Poop-Pounds-Per-Day): infinite, the day we knew she could recognize us: priceless. Ok, not that good a joke…



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