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Experimenting With A Course September 27, 2006

Posted by gordonwatts in university.

Those of you who haven’t been on the other side of the student-teacher relationship may not realize exactly how much we fiddle with a courses design. Usually it is around the edge. Sometimes it is much bigger. This is the case with the honors physics course that I taught last year. Based partly on the complaints of my students (see, we do listen… sometimes) and also some general feeling that has been building within the department we are going to abandon the traditional text we used — heck I learned from it when I was an undergraduate — and are going to try a different approach. The amount of material is rather high, so the honors course this year is going to be even more fast paced than it was when I taught it.

I know some of my ex-students still read this blog, and if you know some folks taking the honors physics course this quarter I’d appreciate any feedback you get especially since you’ve been through it with the old version all ready.



1. Nate Bottman - September 27, 2006

Sure, I’ll refer my friends who are taking honors freshman physics this year. I’m sad that you’re not using a traditional text… though I haven’t seen the new text, so I won’t say anything.

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