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Expert on Shift September 18, 2006

Posted by gordonwatts in physics, physics life.

Hmmm. I’ve just been chastised by another one of the shifters here. I’ve already talked about the ill wind lots of experts in the control room brings. Well. I forgot. I’m an expert of the data acquisition system and trigger. And guess what I’m doing tonight? Trying to improve it. And guess what is happening? I’m causing downtime (I hope only small bits).

Here is how this was pointed out to me: Our CFT shifter was IMing with a friend, an ex-DZERO person, in Sweeden, and complaining that the L3 Rate was slow. The friend IM’ed back asking why: “because there is an expert here”. The friend replied with the URL to my expert post. His reply was, of course, “That’s my shift captain”.

On the bright side, at least one person reads this blog! 😉



1. Camille - September 18, 2006

I feel very self-concious now, seeing as I’m the friend in Sweden! I have taken enough shifts at DZero, however, to agree entirely with your original post on the topic. I have myself a great picture of the control room that I took while I was giving my parents a tour of DZero: there are 8 persons leaning over each other’s shoulder, staring at the same display of the calorimeter shifter’s desk…

2. gordonwatts - September 18, 2006

Sounds like the night before last… 🙂 Good to know you are doing well, and good luck with your Ph.D.!!

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