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The Right Way To Attend a Meeting September 14, 2006

Posted by gordonwatts in life, physics.

CIMG8658Last Friday I had to attend a DZERO Operations meeting. The Level 3 Trigger/DAQ group was presenting ideas to the experiment to more efficiently make use of spare CPU cycles we have in our trigger farm. As the Tevatron’s luminosity keeps climbing we have to squeeze out every single computing cycle to keep up.

This was how I attended the meeting. The only thing wrong is that Ginger Ale isn’t a beer!



1. dorigo - September 15, 2006

Way to go pal! But you shouldn’t have mentioned it wasn’t a beer… The picture would have been better with a mug, indeed.

2. Dick Thompson - September 16, 2006

I am wondering if, given the increasing luminosity at Tevatron, whether data is being collected on Higgs issues? I know this isn’t your experiment, but work in this directions was projected a year or so ago, and it was conjectured that a yea or nay on at least some simple Higgs models might be avilable before the LHC really gets under way. Do you have any information on this, or a link where I might find some?

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