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You Know it is the End Of Summer When September 13, 2006

Posted by gordonwatts in life.

CIMG8653It is time to remove the dock from the lake of the summer cottage. 😦 I know most people have started back with classes but UW still has another few weeks of freedom and work. Still, it is depressing.

Another sure sign. Opening up the septic tank. Ugh. 🙂



1. Nate Bottman - September 14, 2006

It really bugs me, that UW people have four weeks of purgatory before school. I never really understood why… though Caltech does it too, so I’d guess that it’s a result of the quarter system.

2. gordonwatts - September 14, 2006

Nate — what is the month of purgatory? I’m not sure what you are referring to…

3. Nate Bottman - September 14, 2006

Heh 🙂 Between the end of summer quarter and the beginning of fall, when the UW basically shuts down. I thought that was the “few weeks of freedom” you mentioned, though now I see you meant the last bit of summer.

4. gordonwatts - September 14, 2006

Sooooo… one month off == purgatory? Or did I miss something there….

5. Nate Bottman - September 14, 2006

Right, exactly.

6. gordonwatts - September 14, 2006

Hee hee.

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