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Stuck on the Little Things September 12, 2006

Posted by gordonwatts in life, physics life.

Sometimes I’m amazed at how I prioritize things. For example, I’m still here in Ottawa. I have Cingular and there isn’t much I can do to make the cost of roaming here cheaper: an hour costs $50. Unfortunately, Skype has been unreliable. Now, in the grand scheme of things, being able to hang out with Paula and a very young Julia, and still participate in physics at ATLAS and DZERO at some level is priceless. And yet I still find myself getting angry at having to pay over $50 bucks for an hour long phone call.


The reason, of course, is that when I’m a few hundred miles to the south the same call would be free or cost me a couple of bucks. Heck, calls from the US to Switzerland are considerably cheaper than the roaming charge up here. It’s all relative. Sigh.



1. Mike Procario - September 13, 2006

Do you have to use a cell phone? Can’t you get a calling card for about 1 cent a minute?

2. gordonwatts - September 14, 2006

Good point! When I’m back at “home” here I do — mother in law has some awsome phone plan. But I often end up having to call for over an hour, so I don’t like to tie up their phone, or I have to call while I’m away from the house.

What I’d orginally planned to do was get the phone unlocked (I’ve heard Cingular will do that for you), and get one of those pay-as-you-go SIM cards. But I forgot to get it unlocked before I left and they said I had to be on a Cingular network to get it unlocked…

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