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Everything Takes Longer September 2, 2006

Posted by gordonwatts in life.

CIMG8572_edited-1Julia has been here for almost 7 weeks now (wow, time flies!!). And everything I used to do takes longer. Answering my email for example. Inevitably interrupted by a diaper change. Or Paula is out doing errands and Julia needs attention to keep her calm. What used to take an hour can now take up to three. Don’t get me wrong — it is a lot of fun! And I sometimes find myself walking from one place of the house to the other while Julia is sleeping in her bed. I realize about 10 minutes later that I’ve taken a detour so I can stand and stare and her. But readjusting is difficult. I wonder what it will be like when I return to work and try to add a full workday back into the mix? Of course, my fall quarter I time off from teaching which will be a huge help



1. andy.s - September 2, 2006

You’re doing labs all semester, aren’t you? Just wheel her into the lab with you. Might as well get her an early start in physics.

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