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Left Out… August 24, 2006

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I mentioned earlier that I felt left out of D0 recently. Most of the summer has been spent in Seattle or in Ottawa — but not in Seattle. And I’m missing the yearly workshop — in Manchester England. This is a huge retreat, and a week of all D0 all the time. In fact, I’m so out of touch I didn’t even realize it was time to roll-over the list of conveners in D0 — these are the people that run the physics groups, algorithm groups. I used to be one — I used to run the B-quark identification group. But I’m now so out of it I didn’t even realize the conversation about who should replace whom was going on; I’m usually around D0 enough that I’m part of that conversation.

Ah well. There is only one way to get back into that conversation… This, I suppose, is one of the constant pressures of this job. There are lots of things to do and how you choose…

Congratulations to all the new conveners, and thanks for an amazing job to all the outgoing conveners! Being a convener (as I know) is a huge time commitment and often means putting your own physics goals — or life goals — on hold.

As a side note: I’m not sure I should have been part of that conversation: I’ve not been around enough to know who the upcoming good people are and the ones that I do know are easy; everyone knows they are good.



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