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PowerPoint. Why Iraq is such a mess… August 19, 2006

Posted by gordonwatts in computers, politics.

The plans for the war in Iraq, reduced to a single PowerPoint slide. Behold! A possible reaction? A constitutional amendment to ban PowerPoint presentations.

Actually, as far as PowerPoint slides go, that one isn’t half bad. The really awful ones are just a few bullet lines of text along with some graphic of a guy working at a computer or similar. This slide describing the war, however, has quite a bit going on – you can gain quite a bit of understanding from it. For example, they correctly point out that initially the ethnic, tribal, and religious divisions are a real problem and their map for success has them being reduced over time by applying steady pressure (military, civilian, etc.). Hmmm. Makes sense… No. Wait. What am I thinking!?

Looking back – arm-chair quarterbacking – we can see the real thing they missed in this view-graph is the uprising and organization. They assumed the worse violence would come during active combat. The old canard: “We will be welcomed as liberators.”

And the real beauty of the plot? There is no time-line!! How can it be wrong!?!?

Did PowerPoint cause us to lose the war, or the people who used PowerPoint? Or did PowerPoint just make it easier for us to lose the war?



1. carlo!75 - August 22, 2006

The guys behind the war in Iraq could have done a better job in explaining their reasons for the war than a normal powerpoint. Saddam Hussein probably made a better presentation when he convinced the Iraqis to fight back.

2. gordonwatts - August 22, 2006

But I bet he didn’t use PowerPoint… 🙂

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