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Two Good People August 11, 2006

Posted by gordonwatts in university.

Hey! Your life boring? You aren’t multi-tasking enough? Need more stress in your life? Like, a lot more stress? Well, I’ve got a job for you! Be a professor!

Ok. Actually, it is a pretty cool job. And it looks like UW physics will be hiring too! Nothing is 100% certain until the official advertisement is published, but the dean has approved two positions for us next year (known as hunting licenses to those in the, uh, know). One will be a repeat of last year’s neutrino search. And the second one will be primarily focused on either a particle physics experimentalist (like me) or a experimental Astrophysicist. We already have a pretty good group doing particle physics (myself, Henry Lubatti, Joe Rothberg, and Toby Burnett). We have efforts on DZERO at Fermilab and ATLAS at CERN and GLAST in, errr, space. We started the build-up of our astro group two years ago with Leslie Rosenberg who is working on LSST, SDSS, and also an axion search at Los Alamos.

And don’t forget how cool Seattle is! What a place to live. 😉

Watch this page for the official job announcement and online application materials.



1. Dave Bacon - August 15, 2006

What no quantum information science positions? 😉

I look forward to hearing some interesting colloqiums as the candidates duke it out. Now there’s an idea: invite all of the candidates to give talks on the same day and let them ask questions of each other. Oh, that would be a bloodbath.

2. gordonwatts - August 16, 2006

Dave — that is exactly what they do in Europe. A friend of mine told me about getting on stage, giving a 10 minutes talk, answering questions for 10 minutes, and then sitting down and watching 3 others do the same. Some time later someone came over to him and said “congradulations, you have tenure!” Now, that is the way to do it! This was England.

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