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Bring On Da Noise August 3, 2006

Posted by gordonwatts in life.

I was sent to detention in high school three times. Once for a fight, once because I climbed out of a classroom window (on a dare: would the physics teacher notice? Yes. Punishment: do physics for the rest of my life). The third time was due to a particular personality trait of mine.

It was 5th grade. Mr. Prey was probably the best teacher I had in grades 1-5 (before we started moving around from class to class). He was one of the few that managed to motivate people. I remember kids that I thought were barely scraping along in 4th grade kicking butt in his class. Then there was the time he got hiccups. I was sitting in the front row of the class and I chuckled. But his hiccups didn’t go away. And my laugh got stronger and stronger. I knew I wasn’t supposed to laugh – but I couldn’t suppress it. He started by giving me a few looks. But that made me laugh harder. Tears were streaming down my face when he finally lost it and sent me to detention: “It is a natural bodily function! It is not a laughing matter!”

Well. Julia has proved that this particular personality trait is still well and alive. She makes more funny noises than I can count on a single hand. And I think Paula has had to hit me several times to keep me from laughing as she is trying to get back to sleep.

Now, if I could figure out how to record them! I could play them back for all three of our enjoyment in, say, 15 years…



1. Aaron F. - August 5, 2006

“Punishment: do physics for the rest of my life.”

LOL! I’ve met a few people who couldn’t understand why anyone would voluntarily sign up for a lifetime of physics courses. At least you’ve got a decent explanation! 🙂

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