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Recorded Talks? July 29, 2006

Posted by gordonwatts in life, science, university.

Julia doesn’t like to sleep between 4am and 8am. In order to give Paula a chance to catch some shut eye I basically have to rocker her back and forth – or carry her around. To pass the time while this is going on I’ve been watching videos on my new toy. Most of these videos are old recorded shows or some geek-y thing (I recently watched a cool one about a new way of tackling asynchronous programming, something I’m very interested in because of all my DAQ work). But what about physics talks? I’d love to be watching a seminar or colloquia on Strassler’s Hidden Valley Model, or a recent Lisa Randall talk! Or just a physics department colloquia.

Does any department record and post their colloquia? I suspect most would not be that popular, but every now and then you’d get someone famous and lots of people would download their video. And anyone, not just those people in the department, could download and watch it. Would it be something people wanted?

How much would it cost? I guess about 2 hours of a student’s time to record it, the video camera, and someone to digitize it. Hopefully there would be no editing required, so it would be quick…

UPDATE: Fermilab puts their series on video. But it is streaming, and done by Real. Anyone know how to convert that into a mpeg4 or similar?



1. orin - July 29, 2006

I know the KITP (http://www.kitp.ucsb.edu/) posts most of their talks/colloquia in quicktime format.

2. gordonwatts - July 30, 2006

Sweet. And, unlike Fermilab, they provide a whole movie download. They do both RealMedia and also QT. I’m pretty sure I know how to do the real media without mucking up my system. I”ll give that a try!

3. Rob - August 6, 2006

I’m late on this, but Serkan Cabi keeps a list: http://web.mit.edu/people/cabi/Links/physics_seminar_videos.htm

They aren’t all downloadable. But some are.

4. Videocast Lectures « Life as a Physicist - November 7, 2006

[…] Remember I was complaining that physics doesn’t put enough lectures and talks up on video for general distribution? I was recently looking at the UW Simpson Center and I discovered that they have put their big Katz lecture series up. And they even have an RSS feed (but it doesn’t contain the videos as an enclosure, which prevents auto-downloading and queuing for my media player, grr). […]

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