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It’s the Parts, Stupid! July 28, 2006

Posted by gordonwatts in life.

Busted GearboxThe day Paula went into labor our 4 month old washing machine died. I should have realized at the time this was evidence that Paula was about to go into labor. Oh well, 20-20 hindsite. Today it was finally repaired. It was free, of course, because we’ve not hit the Whirlpool guarantee yet, but they printed out the value of the repair anyway. The gearbox failed — a simple replacement. Used about 1 hour of a tech’s time. Cost? Would have been $100 less than the original cost of the washer!

Just like a car!

And the whole time the guy kept saying how high quality the Whirlpool washers were. 🙂



1. Dave Bacon - July 28, 2006

There must be something about washing machines…our washing machine died last week just before we made an offer on a house. I guess in our case the washing machine was protesting our deserting it. In your case maybe the washing machine was worried about all the extra work it would have to do due to your larger family size 🙂

2. gordonwatts - July 30, 2006

Coincidence? Not a chance! Bummer, sorry Dave!

3. Uncle Steve - August 6, 2006


Our washer faild 2 months into its new life in our new house. Repair cost [Sears wanted to repair it] exceeded new, even for the company. We got a new one, free of course.

What goes around….. Or is that the dryer?
It’s all about cash flow you know, not quality.
Lower quality = turnover $ and warranty plan $. The higher the repair cost the better for business. [Consumer Reports never recommended these plans. Now from time to time they do.]

[Your grandmother’s fridge lasted 20-30 years. It stopped during WWII. With peace came repair. It was unplugged. It ran through Korea right up to 1956 when we left.]

The best approach is Gatsby’s. Shirts? He wore them once.

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