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Houston, We Have a Schedule! July 23, 2006

Posted by gordonwatts in life.

And it’s a problem. When she first arrived, Julia would sleep from 11 till 4am. Which was great. She has switched to the apparently more normal new-born schedule: feed every two hours. Brutal on the sleep schedule. I thought that I, man of no-time-zone, wouldn’t have much trouble with this. But, sadly, I was wrong. I hear medical interns are good at catching sleep whenever they can. Paula and I could sure go for some of that technique! Heck, last night a few friends were going out for a beer at about 11 pm. I didn’t go – not because I needed to be around Julia for the 30 minutes it would have taken, but because I was so tired I would have fallen asleep at the bar before the beer had arrived!

Finally, a public apology for all the email I’ve ignored. I’ve just finished off the personal email and I’m starting back in on the work email now. And it is very cool to see how the news spreads. I bet you could construct a cool network diagram, and quickly see which friends were “connectors” and which friends were leaf nodes (I’m a leaf guy).

Since Julia’s arrival people have offered various nuggets of advice. These are the ones that stuck in my head:

  • “Look how small those feet are! Before you know it she’ll be wearing high heels!” Not sure if I was supposed to respond “And she’ll look dam good in them” or “I was hoping for a different pithy statement summarizing her future existence.” I took the knowing
    nod route in the end.
  • “Raising a kid is the most important thing you’ll ever do!” I guess the 80 combined years the two of us have put into physics was really just preparation for being a parent!
  • “If I had my life to do over, I would have gotten baptized right after I was born instead of at four. And at a big church.” Don’t think that needs further comment.
  • “If you are responding to email then Julia is still less than 2 weeks old. After that, you’ll have no time!” Ack! Given the current pace of things I have no idea how we’ll survive!


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