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Where has your PDG Book been!? July 2, 2006

Posted by gordonwatts in physics life, travel.

We’ve started a photo pool on Flickr, The Traveling PDG. The point is to travel to weird places and take your PDG book with you… and put it in a photograph! And then post it!

The PDG booklet is a small bible that fits in, of course, your shirt pocket. It contains all manner of useful information if you are a particle physicist: particle masses, branching fractions, etc.

And we thought it was about time to start a fan club. The only problem is I can’t find mine (lame! I know!). A new version is about to come out, so I’ll start adding pictures as soon as that happens, but till then you guys have to help out!



1. superweak - July 3, 2006


2. Jennifer Fallis - July 6, 2006

What about those of us in nuclear physics? Does the “Nuclear Wallet Card” put out by the National Nuclear Data Center count?

3. Charm &c. » Blog Archive » Le PDG nouveau est arrivé - July 19, 2006

[…] * I’m not joking. Experimental particle physicists hold the PDG, as it’s called, in such high esteem that some people have set up a Flickr photo pool in honor of it. Posted in Particle Physics | […]

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