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Thanks, ADVANCE July 1, 2006

Posted by gordonwatts in life.

There is a cool program at the University of Washington called ADVANCE, funded by the National Science Foundation. This money is meant to help women (mostly) – faculty – undergoing major life changes. Recovering from a major illness or injury. Or even (!) having a child. This is primarily aimed at helping women in the academic sciences and engineering careers.

So. If you know me, or have seen me over the last six months you know… If you just keep up with what I’m doing through this blog… well… Paula and I are about to have a kid. Due date is July 9th, so pretty much any day now (and boy are we (she!) ready for it). And, yes, I’m freaked out.

The university kindly gives us 90 days off work. Unfortunately, since this is summer we are not being paid by the university – only by our research grants. We can’t take 90 days paid leave from our research grant, and the 90 days will be up when it comes time to teach again. Nice system, eh? Paula said her Canadian friends were asking her what she was going to do with her year off. “Year off!??,” was her reply, I think…

I’m teaching a course next fall for which a replacement is much more easily found than for the course she is teaching: so I applied for a small ADVANCE grant. I got it! A combination of the ADVANCE grant and the department kicking in a little extra $$, and I can take care of the little monster fall quarter, and Paula can teach. Both of us will return to teaching in the Winter and Spring quarters, but the department has been very nice and given us very easy courses to teach.

How cool is that? I’d say pretty darn cool, on all fronts!

P.S. Yeah, for some reason I didn’t really want to announce this on the blog until the last minute. I’m not totally sure why either…



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