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Denice Denton (Wikipedia) June 25, 2006

Posted by gordonwatts in physics life, university.

Denice Denton was the former dean of Engineering at UW before she was hired away to be the chancellor of UC Santa Cruz in early 2005. I had no direct contact with her, but the college of Arts & Sciences certianly had overlap. She jumped to her death yesterday. Due to some weird-o computer problems I ended up searching for the news article on the web and landed on the Wikipedia article. Which had already been updated (wow, that was quick).

Wow. That is all I've got to say. The article is all about the controversy surrounding her tenure at UCSC — and the fact that she is an open lesbian. There really is nothing there about everything she accomplished. Am I going to fix this? Uhh, no. But I wonder how long it will be before institutions that employ people will take to maintaining this pages (or attempting to).

Out of curiosity, I found Lisa Randall's entry. I think Melissa would agree that Lisa wasn't the first tenured female Harvard phycists. I'm pretty sure that isn't the case at MIT either.

Yes, I looked. My entry is 100% accurate. 🙂

UPDATE: The author of Lisa's entry added a comment that she was the first theoretical phycist. I had been assuming the first femail phycist of any kind; I misread the wikipedia entry.



1. Lubos Motl - June 26, 2006

I wrote most of Lisa’s entry and it says that she was the first female tenured female THEORETICAL physicist at Harvard, does not it? I believe it is correct. Incidentally we just updated her picture, too…

2. gordonwatts - June 26, 2006

Ahh! I missed that distinction.

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