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Results Database June 16, 2006

Posted by gordonwatts in computers, physics.

Particle physicists have a little book. The particle data book (PDG book). This contains information on hadrons, mesons, cross sections, what you need to know to design a new detector. In short, everything you need but would take your hours to find in books and articles, all reprinted in a single place.

But it is limited – a single line for each thing published. And it is incomplete: it doesn’t contain all the recent SUSY search results, for example (they tend to limit themselves to theories and results that are closer to perceived reality). I’d love to have a web resource and a small book like the PDG book that had recent results from all the particle physics results.

While reviewing some abstracts for an upcoming IEEE NSS/MIC conference, I stumbled on the HEPATA database, run out of New Durham. They get close. For example, you can see CDF and DØ results there (the DØ ones seem to be a little out of date). Do this by going to the main search page for the reaction database, and then typing “DE=CDF” or “DE=D0″ into the search box – sadly they have not designed their web interface to allow for cut/paste of URLs.

For fun, when you get back the results, click on “Display the Full Data Record”. One of the things you can do is click on “kumac”… PAW lives!!!

Again, however, the database is only measured reactions – not searches. This is one of those things I have no time to do myself. Perhaps I should get an undergraduate to work with designing and implementing the thing? Ahh, if only there were 48 hours in the day…



1. Alex - June 17, 2006

Maybe you’ve seen it but the future of hepdata is cedar:


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