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Who is the n00b now?? June 14, 2006

Posted by gordonwatts in life, science.

As a science guy, there are times when I’m at parties and my teeth grate when someone makes some off-handed comment about science. Or when I go see a movie or a TV show that involves science I’m close to… and they get it all wrong (the show, Numbers, is the latest example of something like that).

Last night I was at my friend John’s house enjoying a BBQ on a fantastic Chicago summer night and a few of us got off on a riff of personal responsibility and accountability and everything that was wrong with Europe. You know, the usual thing when you give a couple of obnoxious liberals a bunch of beer. I brought up the McDonald’s hot coffee suit at one point. One of the people who was part of that conversation was a lawyer. I spent the next 10 minutes answering questions like “how hot did she ask for the coffee?”, “uh, I guess she probably said hot if she said anything at all”, “what if they gave her coffee at 10,000 degrees?”, “well…” But it was three against one, so eventually she turned to joking about it and we moved on.

About 30 minutes later I realized I’d been at the other end of that pattern about 100 times before. I start off by asking some questions trying to get people to understand, they agree with my questions, but in the end don’t really see the point. Eventually, it starts to become a buzz kill, and the issue isn’t important enough, that I turn to joking and move on. I’m just not so used to realizing I’m on the other side of that conversation!

What is a n00b?



1. Aaron F. - June 15, 2006

“What if they gave her coffee at 10,000 degrees?”

Well, I’m not much of a fault-finder, but if someone gave me coffee at 10,000 degrees, I would be super critical.

*rim shot*

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