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Dr. Bowen May 28, 2006

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The Other Face Of Bowen...I’ve known Matt Bowen for almost 7 years now. I first met him when I was a post-doc and he was an undergraduate at Brown University (working on DZERO for his independent study). After Brown he came to University of Washington to get his Ph.D. Which he defended, with a fantastic performance, last Tuesday. A few more minor updates to the thesis and he will be officially Dr. Bowen. After the defense, there was a bunch of Champaign. I have pictures (naturally).

It is the season of thesis defenses. Last Friday I went to Kareem Kazkaz’s defense. He also did a fantastic job. He was one of the first graduate students that worked with me (and then he moved over to a neutrino experiment). I’ve got one or perhaps two more defenses next week as well. Sadly, I forgot to bring my camera to this one: Kareem wore a tux!

For those that haven’t been through this… As a professor I sit on a number of student’s thesis committee’s. If I’m a regular member I’m required only to attend the defense and general exam: about 2-3 hours for each. These consist of a 45 minute public talk with questions, and then the rest of the time (no time limit!!) is random questions from the committee behind closed doors. If I’m on the reading committee (as I was for both Matt and Kareem), a subset of the thesis committee, then I also have to read the thesis carefully and make comments. A task that usually takes 5 or 6 hours. I also have to sit on committee’s for students outside the department, as do non-physicists have to sit on our students’ committees. I have one of those in computer engineering next week (I think).



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[…] Ok, perhaps well known… I mentioned Kareem defended his thesis the other day. I didn’t have a camera along, but I did have my cell phone. Kareem’s advisor, John Wilkerson, who is very well known, claimed he could juggle anything. He demurred when we came up with three full coke cans, and instead took up three dry erase markers. I managed to get it on video on my cell phone. Very lo-fi. Fun none-the-less. Check out the 15 second movie! […]

2. Andy - May 30, 2006

Wow, congrats, pumpkin’.

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[…] ‘Tis the season. For defending, that is! Last week I was on two committee’s – Kareem and Matt’s. They were both excellent. This week I was on Adam’s and then went and watched my friend Grace defend. It was really nice watching a defense where I was expected not to ask questions! […]

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