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You Know Its Going to be a Long Time When… May 26, 2006

Posted by gordonwatts in university.

Construction and a MailboxThis construction trailer appeared behind the physics building a few weeks ago. This is a normal site around any American campus or city, or, well, anything, during the summer. The joke is: There are two seasons: Winter and Construction.

But then something surprising happened. The temporary construction trailer suddenly acquired a mailbox!! I'd never seen that before. I guess it is going to be there or a while! Too bad as it takes up a bunch of parking spaces!



1. Aaron F. - May 26, 2006

Actually, that’s not a mailbox at all. Construction trailers reproduce by budding off young that are disguised as mailboxes to deter predation by marauding contractors. Mark my words — there’ll be two or three more trailers next to that one before the year is out! 😉

2. gordonwatts - May 27, 2006

Ha! You are right. It started as one, and in several days had spawned to three! I’m hoping they remain stable or they will take over the whole parking lot!

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