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Nice Digs May 26, 2006

Posted by gordonwatts in physics life, travel.

CIMG7324I'm at SLAC today and tomorrow, attending a detector and daq interface workshop for the new photon light source. The light source will produce very short very intense burst of x-rays to study crystal structure (among other things. I was asked down here to talk about the DAQ system they are going to have to build.

This is my first time at SLAC. Wow, talk about a nice campus: very different from Fermilab. Where Fermilab is open and full of fields and old run-down barns, SLAC has lots of hills, trees. And the dorm rooms are, well, real rooms, not dorm rooms as I remember them at Fermilab. Very nice!

And where else can you see the mountains from the doorway??



1. Travis - May 26, 2006

While it isn’t from my doorway, I do have a nice view of Mt. Baker from the living room in my apartment.

2. Mike Procario - May 26, 2006

The SLAC Guest House is quite nice. The rooms are small compared to a hotel, but very comfortable and have all of the amenities. I stayed there once and loved the fact that I could just walk to cafeteria for breakfast and then to the research office building of my meetings.

I stayed at the Argonne Guest House once about five years ago and I remember it as even nicer. You could mistake it for a nice hotel.

3. gordonwatts - May 26, 2006

I’ve heard the same thing about the Argonne one — but I’ve never stayed there. Perhaps they will invite me some time… 🙂

4. Life as a Physicist » The Fermilab Difference - May 27, 2006

[…] I traveled from SLAC to Fermilab yesterday. I posted about how nice the SLAC guest house was; I’m staying in the farmhouse this time. The house itself doesn’t look as nice, and it is right in back of a real live horse barn – which means lots of flies zooming around. But it does have some charms of its own. I sat outside on the porch this morning answering all the email that had backed up for the past three days. Looking out it felt like it was just me and miles of prairie. Very relaxing! […]

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