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The Bear in the Hole May 22, 2006

Posted by gordonwatts in life.

My lack of posts over the past week or two is a direct function of what I'm doing. I'm teaching, trying to finish up all the end-of-year committee work, and wishing I was spending more time on research. This time of year is always like this. In short, very little interesting is happening (well, this weekend was fun, I'll write out that a bit more later).

While not fun, the stress levels are also quite high. And I guess it should be no surprise that the stress works its way into my dreams. I rarely remember them — but for the past three weeks I've remembered a dream fragment — probably 4 or 5 times (almost unheard of for me). I'm running around the physics building at UW for some odd reason, and I need to get from the 4th floor to the 1st. The stairwell is too far away, and I'm in a utility room. But there is a hole in the floor with a ladder that is used to route pipes and the like from one floor to the next. So I climb down it. This works well until I get to the 2nd floor. Now the hole is almost too small for me to fit, and there is no ladder, and it seems like it is old brick (old — much older than the 10 year old physics building). I try anyway, and it turns out the brick wall curves in, making it easy for me to gain purchase on the wall. I end up in a small passage way that opens into the utility room on the 1st floor. And there is a very surprised, large, brown bear in the passage way too. It sniffs me, and then starts trying to climb up the hole I just came down through. I walk out into the utility room and usually that is when I wake up.

What the heck is the bear doing there? 🙂



1. Dave Bacon - May 22, 2006

For an explanation of the bear, you need look no further than this morning’s UW Daily: http://www.thedaily.washington.edu/index.php?storyID=16519 (“Bear spotted, killed near Greek Row”)!!

2. tancredo4prez - May 30, 2006

Gordy, your recurring dream is interesting. It’s probably symptomatic of something deeper. You should see a dream-interpreting psychiatrist if you have time.

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