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The Not-Good-Should-Mean-Bad Email May 8, 2006

Posted by gordonwatts in physics.

We have had some confusion over what is a "good" and "bad" jet in our analysis framework. It generated the following email paragraph which has really made my Monday morning a lot more pleasent.

It would never have occurred to me that isBad was anything other than !isGood. If you ask me, making isBad != !isGood is not good. In other words, making isBad != !isGood is bad.



1. Kevin - May 9, 2006

That post is !isNotFunny.

2. Nate Bottman - May 9, 2006

No! Good and bad are not mutually exclusive!

3. Aaron F. - May 9, 2006

bool isGood;
bool isBad;
bool isOkay;
bool isBetterThanNothing;

// 😉

4. gordonwatts - May 9, 2006

Nate — exactly! Logically, what you say is correct. But it is a really bad programming practice. Especially when dealing with a code base of many millions of lines. 🙂

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