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Report Getting Press May 1, 2006

Posted by gordonwatts in physics life, politics.

The EPP 2010 report is getting a lot of press. I’ve seen a writeup in this week’s Economist. I really liked that one — those guys clearly spend some time getting to know the issues, both sides. The NYTimes had a good article today (which I had to read online because some #*#&^@^^# stole our paper for the second time in a row).

Physics in America is at a crossroads and in crisis, just as humanity stands on the verge of great discoveries about the nature of matter and the universe, a panel from the National Academy of Sciences concludes in a new report.

The article goes on to mention that this “heels of a widely publicized National Academy report last year, “Rising Above the Gathering Storm,” I’d not thought about that — but it is true. There have been a number of reports that have come out recently, all saying the basically the same thing, even if from different angles or different corners of the scientific world. Hopefully the chatter will be loud enough to penetrate the walls of congress and the general public.

In a comment to one of my posts on this Andy, my past graduate student, left a comment that sums up the current situation quite well:

I’m excited about the report too, as well as the related press and opinion articles I’ve seen in Nature, Science, Scientific American, NY Times, Chicago Tribune, etc. No doubt about it: the American science community has come together and agreed that the ILC is an exciting and essential next step, and that building it in America is the only way to stay strong in physics. Now it’s our job to kindle this flame, by continuing to remain unified as researchers, to make the project technically and economically feasible, and to keep the buzz in blogs, papers, and on TV – because in the end the people get what they want in this country. We have a good idea… now we need to make it into a solid product and sell it to America and the rest of the world.



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