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Seattle Sunsets April 24, 2006

Posted by gordonwatts in life.

Sunset Over Elliot Bay VIIA random person IM'ed me to let me know that if you Google for Seattle sunset my photos on Flickr will show up as the 5th entry. I suspect that is because Google gives extra weight to blogs and I've linked to them before… but it is nice to think that perhaps I'm well known for something! 😉

Something interesting about Google's algorithm: If you search for Seattle sunsets you won't find me ranked at all! I looked at Microsoft's search engine and don't seem to appear on the first page at all. Yahoo didn't have my seattle sunset's, but they had someone else on Flickr — who has some pretty spectacular sunsets (the guy is into coffee in a really big way; his blog is pretty cool if you worship coffee). I guess we aren't at the point where you can use a single search engine yet!



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