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And Then There were Two April 23, 2006

Posted by gordonwatts in computers.

Long time readers will know I have trouble with my home computers. This week was no different.

We've got three of them at home. A decent sized server which sits headless in the laundry room (sight of another type of recent failure), an old old Shuttle that drives a photo display out in the living room, and a new shuttle that is my office machine. The old shuttle died this week. This is particularly scary because it holds one of my backup copies of all of my pictures (I'm up to 45 gigs of pictures now!!).

After a nice dinner and a drink or two out with people, I decided it was time to fix and/or upgrade all three.

The old shuttle was weird  — the disk went (or seemed to). When I replaced the disk it refused to boot. Even to self-test. It was doing a very good impression of a door knob. Re-seating the memory, CPU, cooling, etc. It's dead, Jim. I'm going to have to get a new one, unfortunately.

I added a little memory to my big server too. That gave me a bit of a scare because the machine wouldn't boot after I installed it! And then when I went back to the old memory it still wouldn't boot! Turns out the BIOS was being too smart — and I didn't have a screen attached to it so I couldn't see. My heart rate was up a bit…

And finally, my office machine's power supply is a bit anemic or not working totally right. When I hook up a DVD drive it fails to boot. So I got a new, more powerful power supply. Guess what… it doesn't fit! Argh. And I've had the supply sitting around for quite a while: it is too late to return it.

So… know of a decent office machine, quiet and can drive two monitors? I figure I'll replace the office machine and move the newer shuttle over to be the picture display box. Maybe I should just flush the whole "build it yourself" idea and get a pre-made machine… 😦

This has not been a good night. I think I'll go and watch old re-runs of Firefly or Buffy for the rest of the night. Hope your Saturday night was better!



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