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Awsome Talk by Florencia April 14, 2006

Posted by gordonwatts in physics, physics life.

A friend of mine just gave the big Wine & Cheese talk on CDF's top mass measurements. They are kicking our (DZERO's) butt.

Two things happened to make this talk just "perfect." At the start she was describing the various datasets: "First there is the fall dataset, and then we had the spring… no, wait, " — the audience starts to chuckle — " I'm from the southern hemisphere, I can't ever get this right!" At that point I think she could have made 10 mistakes in her talk and no one would have cared. It was a brilliant recovery.

During the question and answer session after her talk she had a slide up on future prospects for the measurement. She hadn't touched the computer in a while and the screen saver came on. It was one of those fish-tank screen savers. But it was cool because it started by water filling up the screen. So it looked like our future was slowing being put underwater (with some very colorful fish).

The scientific results are impressive. The size of the errors are tiny — fantastic job! The talk isn't posted yet for those that want to see it, but it should be up in a day or two (but you won't get the special effects). CDF's recent results for top mass can be found here.



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