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Gen-X in the University April 11, 2006

Posted by gordonwatts in life, university.

I'm just a bit too old to be a real Gen-X'er, but many of the things about life in academia struck home in this blog-vent-post. In particular this paragraph (living here in Seattle):

We missed out on the tech boom completely, beavering away at dissertations just as academic publishers stopped publishing dissertations and hiring committees started requiring books. (Do these people even talk to each other?) We got hired at salaries that didn’t even come close to keeping pace with the rate of housing inflation, only to be asked by our well-meaning tenured colleagues why we live so far away.

Don't get me wrong; I'm well paid and I've got a great position here at UW. But I look at my friends who got into the job market right after college and look at what they are doing, what they are paid, and where they are living… and there is a world of difference.

I also hate talking about this. I always feel like I'm being a big ungrateful-whiner. But when it is time for Paula and I to live in a house and raise a kid (ack!) it will have to be "far away". No way we can afford housing here in Seattle.



1. Richard Miller - April 13, 2006


Since you already got MSN and AIM, why not get a Facebook? Us undergraduates would love it! =)

2. Richard Miller - April 13, 2006

Hey! Why not get a Facebook now! Us undergraduates would love it! Especially since you’ve already gotten AIM and MSN

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