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Canada Runs The Experiment For Free! April 7, 2006

Posted by gordonwatts in politics, science.

This is cool. Irony and the sad state of affairs in the US North America all wrapped up in one:

McGill University says the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council made a "factual error" when it denied Professor Brian Alters a $40,000 grant on the grounds that he'd failed to provide the panel with ample evidence that Charles Darwin's theory of evolution is correct.

Sigh. It gets better, however. What was he trying to do with the grant?

The planned project, submitted last year to the council, is titled Detrimental effects of popularizing anti-evolution's intelligent design theory on Canadian students, teachers, parents, administrators and policymakers.

In short — all that controversy down south of us — has it altered any of our perceptions? Well, I guess the grant should have been denied. The obvious answer is yes!!

By the way, Alters is a Faculty of Science. My impression from Paula is that that position is concerned with education and science, sort of similar to what she does. I've got friends at McGill. I wonder if this means I can finally tease them about Canada? Or even my mother-in-law? Not bloody likely!

At least McGill handled it correctly: "… the research council made a 'factual error'". Darn toot'n. Now, lets see what will happen next.



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