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Party Like it is 1999… March 28, 2006

Posted by gordonwatts in physics life, travel.

I'm back in Seattle. Out to dinner with Paula for the first time in 2 weeks and she has a great conference story. She attended a conference at a university. The Inn she stayed in (which was really nice) was run by the university (this isn't as uncommon as you might think). Many universities — UW included — have lots of rules about (not) having alcohol on the campus. This university was no different. They had the conference reception at the Inn, but they weren't allowed to have drinks!

There is a loop hole in the regulations, however: if the drinks are served from one of the Inn's rooms, then it is ok; this gets around the university rules. So… they filled a bathtub with ice and stuffed it full of beer! Now you have all these 30-60 year old professors all making the same joke as they walk into the bathroom to get their beer: "Hey! Beer in a bathtub! This reminds me of college." Or "This is just like college, except I had hair back then!" or "This is just like college, only I wasn't drinking 7-up then!"

My wife gets to go to some crazy conferences!



1. Aaron F. - March 28, 2006

I doubt most of the people at that conference were in college in 1999… 😉

2. Denny Soinski - November 27, 2006

The article entitled “Party Like it is 1999” triggered some of my thoughts on why college students abuse alcohol. Although the answers are many, one of the reasons has to be the mixed messages students get from the college administration about alcohol.

For instance, if the administrators have decided that alcoholic beverages are not allowed on campus, yet there are ads for alcoholic beverages posted at the football stadium or in the sports brochures, this sends mixed messages to students regarding alcohol.

Another example is taken from the “Party Like it is 1999” article. More specifically, if the UW students find out about the “loop hole” that the college professors have discovered (not unlikely given the fact that this info is on the internet!) the students might logically conclude that if their teachers figured out a way around the rule stating that alcoholic beverages are not allowed on campus, it is OK for them (the students) to do the same. It is mixed messages like these that undermine the high and mighty pronouncements made by administrators and give legitimacy to the defiance and rebellion manifested by students. If your college has a no alcohol policy and you as professors want to drink, take your party off-campus 🙂


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